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Srdjan Ostojic


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29 rue d'Ulm
75005 Paris France

Network Dynamics and Computations
2nd floor
+33 (0)1 44 32 26 44
Selected publications
International Journal article  

Mastrogiuseppe, F. & Ostojic, S. (2018). Linking connectivity, dynamics and computations in recurrent neural networks. Neuron, 99(3), 609-623. doi:DOI:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.neuron.2018.07.003

International Journal article  

Bagur, S. , Averseng, M., Elgueda, D., David, S., Fritz, J., Yin, P., Shamma, S., Boubenec, Y. & Ostojic, S. (2018). Go/No-Go task engagement enhances population representation of target stimuli in primary auditory cortex. Nature Communications, 9, 2529 . doi:10.1038/s41467-018-04839-9

International Journal article  

Graupner, M., Wallisch, P. & Ostojic, S. (2016). Natural Firing Patterns Imply Low Sensitivity of Synaptic Plasticity to Spike Timing Compared with Firing Rate. The Journal of Neuroscience, 36(44), 11238-11258. doi:10.1523/JNEUROSCI.0104-16.2016

International Journal article  

Ostojic, S. (2014). Two types of asynchronous activity in networks of excitatory and inhibitory spiking neurons. Nature Neuroscience, 17(4), 594-600. doi:10.1038/nn.3658

Research interests

Dynamics of neural networks, synaptic plasticity and learning, decision-making.

Short Bio

2012-now: CNRS Researcher, Group for Neural Theory, Ecole Normale Superieure Paris

2009-2012: Marie-Curie fellow, Center for Theoretical Neuroscience, Columbia University

2006-2009: postdoctoral fellow, Laboratoire de Physique Statistique, Ecole Normale Superieure Paris

2002-2006: PhD student, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Universiteit van Amsterdam